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all natural chocolate in a jar

Make your own chocolate bars, or use it to bake and cook. Made with the simple ingredients of cacao and sugar.

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amazing chocolate. all in one jar.

Midge is a purveyor of top class chocolate. Our 48 hour creation chocolate process results in amazing chocolate with all the health benefits of cacao.

Perhaps the best chocolate I have ever tasted! Outrageously delicious.

Mandy, from San Francisco

Smooth and rich chocolate. Love Midge so much.

Sam, from Manhattan

I love the variety of chocolates. My favorite is the 80% Educadorian.

Robert, from Phoenix

Individual Chocolate jars

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Our process


We source quality cacao beans from the finest micro farms in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Cameroon. We have personal relationships with farmers, which we have built for over 20 years in the business.

Always Organic.

Purity & Wholesomeness

We believe that good chocolate does not need additives, it can speak for itself. Our taste is unparalleled for the purity of our ingredients. No preservatives. 

We stone grind the cacao beans for up to 24 hours for a nice velvety mouth feel.

Unparalleled Chocolate

Everything we do is rooted in quality, for we love our craft; in fact, we spent 20 years formulating the perefect taste before launching. Our cacao and chocolates are different than most chocolates in the world. 

Get High

Theobromine, an alkaloid found in cacao, gives us a notable subtle 'high.' A combination of relaxing effect on the body with steady mental stimulation.

Eat it on its own, or cook and bake with it, or put it in your smoothies. Whatever your heart desires. 

What is Midge?

Midge is the name of the insect that pollinates the cacao tree,  Theobroma Cacao. There is no chocolate without the midge. Our name is a constant reminder for us to care for earth and its inhabitants, for us all to continue enjoying its gifts. 

Midge Chocolate Company is means to an end, that includes environmental conservation, poverty alleviation in our communities, and a more conscious and thoughtful way of consuming chocolate that promotes our collective health.

Who Are We?

We are nerds. We delve deep into our interests and awe at the marvels of nature and science the more we learn.

With talented people in our network of farmers, fermentors, and roastmasters we are able to manipulate the growing process to produce memorable yields, ferment the beans with diligence, and finally, apply the knowledge of thermodynamics to manage the temperature change and observe the behavior of fats in the roasting process.

What Makes Us Different.

30 years of roasting led us to the path of creating truly memorable palates of cacao and chocolate. We are in pursuit of a flavor profile that is completely unique.

Our patrons have refined taste, and spend their earned money to buy top-class chocolate. As a return, we give them the ability to custom make their own bar. Give us your cacao percentage and we'll design it based on your flavor palate.

Why We Shine!

I. The quality of the process, from growing, harvesting, and fermenting at the source to roasting.

II. The access we offer our patrons, like sharing our recipes and introducing you to all involved in our network. 

III. The collaboration with our patrons at the 'tasting' stage to establish more desirable flavor profile.